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How to have a Happy and Healthy Christmas!

Christmas is coming and as fun as the festivities are they also bring an element of stress and pressure.  Festive stress presents itself in many forms for example, Food and Drink:  Eating and drinking excessively followed by feeling guilty after.  Physical Stress: Burning the candle at both ends  or the...

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Blend Benefits

PROBLEM/SYMPTOM/YOU I AM Beautiful I AM Clenased I AM Energised I AM Lean I AM Superman
Weight loss
Sugar addiction
Fitness enthusiasts
Sports professionals
Daily detox
Digestive issues
Need more greens!
Frequent travellers
Health related professionals
Hectic social life
Adrenal fatifue / burnout
Yeast overgrowth
Signs of ageing
Poor skin / hair
Low immunity
Low libido
Low sex drive
Low mood
Concentration, focus
Strength, stamina
Loss of skin elasticity

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