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5 blends to boost your health and wellness

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Adaptogens for Radiant Skin

For years women have obsessed over expensive face creams, lotions and potions with promises of gorgeously glowing, radiant and youthful skin.  We have invested time and money into treatments and procedures to keep us looking younger and the value of the skin care industry reflects our commitment to youthful beauty.  According to market research...

My Sugar Story!

I have recently been very drawn towards this sweet subject and have felt compelled to share my sugar secrets with you.  For years I haven't been comfortable with my relationship with sugar as I felt it had a controlling hold over me.  I also felt that I was the only one in the world that felt like this and it was completely unacceptable that...

A NEW Chapter

I started 2017 with a deep seated feeling that something BIG was going to change this year and the curiosity grew within me over those early months to the point where I found myself in a low and dark place feeling insecure about myself and unhappy with my life.  I hadn’t admitted to myself before but I had been in a silent internal battle with...

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Blend Benefits

PROBLEM/SYMPTOM/YOU I AM Beautiful I AM Clenased I AM Energised I AM Lean I AM Superman
Weight loss
Sugar addiction
Fitness enthusiasts
Sports professionals
Daily detox
Digestive issues
Need more greens!
Frequent travellers
Health related professionals
Hectic social life
Adrenal fatifue / burnout
Yeast overgrowth
Signs of ageing
Poor skin / hair
Low immunity
Low libido
Low sex drive
Low mood
Concentration, focus
Strength, stamina
Loss of skin elasticity

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