3 Self Care Rituals that are a non negotiable part of my day

You will hear me pipe on about self care quite a bit in my posts and it’s not because I don’t have anything else to say (trust me I could talk forever once i get going), it’s because I am a firm believer in the importance of self care for our overall health and wellbeing.

When I crashed and burnt out from Adrenal Fatigue I wasn’t looking after myself well enough and the recovery program I designed for myself had to include bringing in more self care and I am not talking about going and getting my nails done (as nice as this may be) but self care on a deeper level including self talk.  I used to be really mean to myself and constantly beat myself up and no amount of manicures will make you feel good about yourself if you are living in this constant mental battle with yourself!

So what does Self Care mean to ME?

I think everyone has a different version of self care and in my opinion that is absolutely fine as it’s not so much about what you are doing but more so about the doing part.  For some it might be that trip to the hairdressers, a massage or yoga class while others it could be a coffee ritual where you sit by the window and zone out while enjoying your coffee or loosing yourself in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal.  It is also includes how you nourish yourself with food, how you move your body and how you manage stress – the list of self care is endless but the goal is the same – CARING FOR YOURSELF!

Many of you reading with be mothers, daughters, wives, cooks, cleaners, drivers, entrepreneurs, workers, friends – just like me, and you may notice that your care is often spread among the roles you play leaving little for yourself and with the little left that you have (if any) you might not have any enthesisium or energy left for yourself, which is why it is super important to stat to bring a little more into your life.

I believe that there should be at least 3 self care rituals that you always have in your life that are non-negotiable.

Here are 3 of my self care routines that are an integral and non negotiable part of my days.

  1. Tongue scraping – I have been doing this for about 6 years now and have forgotten why I even started in the first place however I love the cleanliness of this habit as it is said to be an effective way to remove toxins.  I do this morning and night before I brush my teeth and even have an extra tongue scraper for when I travel so I never miss this.  It also improves digestions, oral hygiene and even your taste buds!  You can pick up a tongue scraper from amazon for about a fiver and opt for a copper one as these are best.
  2. Water – Quite possibly the simplest and cheapest thing you can do for your skin and general health.  I drink about 2 – 3 litres of water a day and make sure I always have a bottle or jug close by.  Water rehydrates the body so is beneficial for clearer skin, it flushes out toxins, boosts the immune system and can even promote weight loss.  If you don’t like water then add in some fresh chopped fruits, veggies and herbs to flavour.  I love the fresh and clean feeling I get from drinking water.
  3. Practice kinder self talk – Like most I have moments of indulgence where I overeat something naughty or get a bit carried away and have an extra one or 3 glasses of wine. I avoid alcohol as it completely batters the adrenal glands and I feel really awful after so this is often a trigger of self attack for me.  You have to learn to recognise your triggers, then listen to how you talk to yourself and make a conscious effort to change it to a more loving dialogue.  I can’t say this is an easy thing to do but it is one of the most effective and positive practices that I have brought into my life.

I also exercise regularly and eat good food daily too but sometimes life gets the way and good intentions and habits slip for a day or 2, your rituals are there every day and are your grounding anchor.  They can also change over time and over the years I have had many other rituals which I have played around with and I have no doubt that they will continue to change over the years to come too but one thing I have learnt is the importance of these small practices for my health and wellbeing.


Do you have any rituals or self care practices in your life?  Is there anything else you could bring into your life?  Please share below….



Naomi x


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