7 healthy tips for the holidays!

Are you worried about the forthcoming weeks and possibility of over indulgence in naughtiness?  I have found over the years that the more I deprive myself the worse the damage is so here are my top tips for surviving the holiday season:


  1. Don’t deprive yourself!  This is my number one tip, deprivation generally leads to cravings, overeating and anxiety.  Remember moderation is key, slow down your eating and eat with mindfulness. Try to enjoy the eating experience even if you are indulging in something that isn’t what you would usually eat (there is a lot more of that over the holiday season!)
  2. Stay as healthy as possible!  – Just because your healthy habits and routines changes it doesn’t mean that everything else has to suffer – keep with your non negotiable healthy habits, for example drinking plenty of water.  When eating excess sugar or drinking more than usual you are likely to get more dehydrated so its even more important to keep up plenty of water consumption – try adding some lemon for an alkaline balance
  3. Limit the booze! – While on the subject of drinking, try to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum (easier said than done I know!!).  If you can’t keep a lid on it then at least try to make more sensible choices, for example vodka with lime and soda water is good option but be sure to drink, also drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated.
  4. Make some healthy choices! – Ok so admittedly there are certain foods where healthy swaps just don’t cut it, and as already mentioned above (don’t deprive!) however there is still plenty of space where health can still be priority.  For example eat your greens and load up on these before you start on and demolish the roasties!
  5. Go easy on the canapés! – Canapés are the silent killers of the holidays as you never know how much you are really eating as you end up munching away mindlessly while chatting or start on them when you are really hungry so portion control is always hard!
  6. Eat Protein  – This is a party survival technical as if you turn up to a party hungry (see above) you will eat anything (and everything) in sight!  Eat a protein rich snack before you arrive to keep your hangry monster at bay.  You could have some smoked salmon on wholegrain toast, hummus and veggies, greek yoghurt with fruit.
  7. Enjoy yourself – It’s the holidays so allow yourself to relax and enjoy the party, food should be enjoyed so go ahead and give yourself permission to let go and have fun!


I hope my tips help you survive the holidays with mindfulness and more importantly ENJOYMENT, if you do find yourself making wrong choices or feeling bad or guilty about what you have eaten please go easy on yourself.  Guilt and self punishing thoughts don’t take away what has been done, however self-compassion and kindness diminish any negativity without getting stuck on a self destructive hamster wheel.  If you find yourself stuck in negative and damaging thoughts imagine a conversation you would have with a best friend, what would you say to her if she were to tell you what you are telling yourself?  Treat yourself with the kindness, love and compassion you deserve as you are WORTH it


Merry Christmas


Naomi x


Photo credits to Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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