A healthy solution to FAT BUSTING and increased ENERGY

The rise of adaptogens has not gone unnoticed in the wellbeing world and they are now gaining serious momentum as a healthy, natural and effective way to lose weight (YIPEE).

My I AM Lean blend is the lean green fast bust blend which  a science backed formulation by Cambridge scientist Sara Pamler Hussey who is making waves in the wellbeing world heralded as the star creator of supplements that work!

Sara has formulated the blends to contain the world’s best superfoods and fat burning adaptogens, including metabolism boosting Matcha, energy increasing Moringa and appetite suppressing Yacon Root. Together these powerhouses help to ultimately balance the body’s satiety hormone leptin which naturally suppresses the appetite and makes you less likely to overeat. Also, don’t forget the fact that excess weight is usually stress related – making it easy to crown the stress-busting adaptogens as herbal heroes.

When the body is triggered by stress and goes into fight or flight mode, the digestive system simply shuts down and doesn’t assimilate nutrients which can also create digestive issues such as bloating. The body also stores fat rather than burning calories and produces excess cortisol and increases insulin levels, meaning that when the blood sugar dips you crave sweet, carby and fatty comfort foods. From an emotionally/mental point of view, we naturally seek comfort when we are stressed out which can lead us to overeat and making poor food choices with little nutritional value which sets us off on a weight gaining journey.

My I AM Lean blend is developed to support a stressed out body that craves balance. Adaptogens that are especially beneficial for weight loss and can be found in I AM Lean include Yacon Root, Baobab, Maca, Matcha, Moringa, Maqui, Maitake, Triphala, Panax Ginseng and Kelp. These powerful herbs can support healthy weight loss in a few different ways. Apart from balancing cortisol and leptin (the satiety hormone), they are also mood lifting – Sipping on this blend will simply make you feel noticeably more positive. Additionally, they stabilise blood sugar levels which reduces those 4pm sugar cravings and they help you to access more stored energy so you can physically move more and actually enjoy that movement more.

Drink daily alongside a healthy and balanced diet to feel maximum benefits from this fat busting blend of green goodness.

You can also add this blend to a water/juice, a smoothie, porridge, pancakes and yoghurt.

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Naomi x

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