International Women’s Day Interview with Sam Pemberton

It has been a great week for women to stop, take a breath and acknowledge their achievements, I have certainly benefited from these interviews which have inspired me, it has also made me look at my own success as I mentioned in my blog yesterday.


This week has recognised women combining their talents and gifts to collaborate and bring their dreams and ideas to life plus build strong and unique brands.  It IS an exciting time to be a woman.


My last interview of the week is with the amazing Sam Pemberton who couldn’t find exactly what she wanted in the shops so decided to take a brave leap of faith and create it through her brand 34Style.  I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blogs and been inspired to step outside of your comfort zone.


Tell us about your brand/business:


The reason I created 34STYLE is because I felt I was constantly on the search for a beautiful biker jacket but could never find the right flattering fit so decided to create my own brand; 34 because I really do believe in all the madness of everyday life, all you really need in your wardrobe are three – four beautiful outerwear staples and any outfit can be transformed in an instant. We are a contemporary label focused on dressing and inspiring the modern woman.


Fashion really is ageless and for everyone. You just need to feel great in what you wear. As we’re creating classic, timeless pieces, the collection will never grow enormously as myy aim has never been to be the biggest, but it has always been to be the best.


 What is the biggest thing you have learnt about yourself on your journey?  


To always trust your instinct. Starting your own business has its highs and lows. Accept the lows and learn from them. Running your own business is 24/7, commitment, hard work, patience and self-belief are key.


What plans do you have for the future with your business?


We want to grow with our 34 Style woman, we also want to give back too. Our next line will be a capsule collection of tees, based on empowering woman of all ages.


What one piece of advice would you give to other women wanting to start their own business?


Knowledge is key. Do plenty of research into the field you are wanting to start in. Do a financial plan too, because whatever you figure you have in mind to start, it will always go over . Appreciate and respect anyone that works for you as you were once in their position.


Who is your biggest female role model and how has she inspired you? 


I don’t have a female role model per se but am constantly amazing by women and their ability to perform and fulfill so many roles through their life whether it be wife, mother, boss or carer.  There are so many ‘hats’ that a woman to wear throughout her life and this she does naturally and to the benefit of all around her.


What has been your biggest career highlight so far?


Creating one of the worlds most expensive pair of jeans for our label Secret Circus 10 years ago and helping to create some of the most successful private nightclubs in London



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