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Invite Naomi into your kitchen to inspire and transform the way you eat




Naomi personally taliors healthy eating plans with a super-boosting difference that are specifically designed around your individual diet and lifestyle.  All recipes use whole food natural produce which avoid refined sugar, gluten and dairy.

Your plan starts with a consultation that assess what your dietary goals are and looks at your life as it is taking into account, your work, stress, social life, exercise and family. From here we will define your goals and structure a plan that is achievable for you.

All your meals are planned around your lifestyle and are presented in file which includes all the recipes, a daily guide of what to eat and when with healthy prompts and positive mantras to keep you inspired throughout the day, her holistic weight loss guide and superfood index.

Naomi will then spend some time with you in your kitchen preparing the dishes with you and coaching you through her kitchen tips and healthy short cuts.  She will guide you on sourcing produces and can even arrange a trip to the local market or bio shop.  Each session is personally tailored to your specific needs and requirements, it is made fun and informative with practical advice and tips.  Her extensive coaching skills are implemented throughout all her cookery sessions.

Naomi also works with personal chef’s providing recipes and training in your home so they are better equip to meet your nutritional and dietary needs and requirements.

Prices vary depending on individual requirements contact us for more information


“WE all have a unique blueprint of what a healthy diet means to us on an individual basis.  I help my clients tune into themselves and discover what works for them using mind/body nutritional techniques.  It is a fun and exciting journey when you let go of old out-dated limited beliefs that have been holding you back”



Let Naomi Loose in your kitchen to go through your cupboards and define the good, the bad and the ugly!  She will educate you on reading food labels and bring your awareness to healthy foods which are cleverly marketed and aren’t really healthy after all!  She offers replacement suggestions for anything that should be binned and offers simple steps to a smooth transition of healthy habits through her extensive coaching skills.  A trip to the local market or bio store can also be arranged and is highly beneficial.

Naomi’s kitchen detox is a fun and educational way to lean more about the food you are putting in your body and how to make simple yet efficient swaps that easily become life long habits.

Prices vary depending on individual requirements contact us for more information

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“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients” Julia Child


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