My top reads and listens for 2017

Reading is a passion of mine which was developed in secondary school thanks to an amazing English teacher who made the lessons fun and pushed me to be the best I could be, I would spend hours on my English essays and feel a sense of achievement when I was praised highly for my efforts.

These days, I love to read about about health, wellness and self development but I also I love motivational books, autobiographies, true stories and a novel now and again.

“Reading can keep the mind alert, possibly preventing Alzheimer’s, help us focus, improve empathy and further develop vocabulary.  It can also be a relief from depression and help us to relax after a long day”

Reading is also made so much more accessible these days as we can have our entire library on our iPhone or kindle and audio books are also becoming more popular allowing you to read on the go.  I have just finished listening to a great audio book called “Wonder” which I downloaded as my husband complains about the light being on at bedtime so this became a simple solution to my problem.  I also enjoyed listening to it in the car and while walking.  I have to admit I am very old fashioned in the sense that you still can’t beat a good paper back, I love feeling the pages beneath my finger and often mark pages and make notes (I know this is also available on the kindle but somehow just not the same!)

So I want to share my top reads (or listens) for 2017 – please share yours with me in the comments below as I love a recommendation

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And Breathe – Rebecca Dennis

I read “And Breathe” by Rebecca Dennis when I went on a Transformational Breathing retreat earlier in 2017 (The Breath Guru).  Funnily enough a friend had bought me this book a few weeks before (not knowing I was going on the retreat) and I packed it unknowing until the first day and realised how perfectly suited it was for the experience before me.

This is a great book which introduces the concept of Transformational Breath and how we can use it in our everyday life and help with various conditions and even illnesses – there are exercises in the book as well as lots of case studies.


The Surrender Experiment – Michael A Singer


Quite possibly my favourite book I read this year as it is a true story about where life can take you if you are brave enough to let go and let life lead you.  Micheal Singer’s story is nothing short of hugely inspiring and completely extraordinary!  I can’t say any more as I would hate to spoil the story for you!


Reasons To Stay Alive – Matt Haig

I am actually cheating here as I read this book in 2016 however it needs as mention as it is a deeply moving story about depression and the crippling effects of anxiety written from a male point of view.  In his book, Matt Haig shares his deepest, darkest personal experiences with depression and anxiety.  This book put my problems into perspective and gave me deep insight into the life of someone with severe depressions and anxiety.


If I Could Tell You One Thing – Richard Reed

I got this for my Birthday (November 2016) however didn’t read until the New Year, it isn’t a book I would have necessarily chosen myself however once reading it I loved it so much I bought it for many of my friends as gifts!  Richard Reed, the author and creator or Innocent Smoothies interviews some of the “world’s most remarkable people” to share their greatest words of wisdom and includes great insights from Bill Clinton, Dame Judi Dench, Simon Cowell, Sir Richard Branson, James Corden, Joanna Lumley, Bear Grylls and so many more….. Easy reading, motivational and truly inspiring.


Jo Malone – My Story

I bought this book after a friend told me how the amazing and inspiring journey of Jo Malone when she created her worldwide multi million brand, I wasn’t disappointed!  I loved her story about her childhood and how from a young age she was making lotions and potions in her kitchen, which lead to her growing her Jo Malone empire.  An easy read and interesting story.


The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – Annie Kagan

I can’t remember how I came about this book, it would have been a recommendation I am pretty sure about that.  It is a beautiful story about life after death and tells the story of Billy Fingers and his blissful journey told from his sisters perspective when she has many mysterious encounters with him in his afterlife.  Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I really enjoyed visioning a beautiful place where my dear Nanny and Granddad are resting now.


Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult

A recommendation from a friend which christened my Kindle!  Based on a true story this book tells the extraordinary story of discrimination and race from the perspective of each of the main characters in the book. It was a truly moving and emotional book which I found hard to put down, I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and each of them telling the story through their experiences.


Wonder – R J Palacio

My latest listen which again is based on a true life experience about a little boy who was born with a unique facial abnormality, he is homeschooled up until the age of 10 with the story beginning with his first day of starting middle school and life though his eyes.  Again this story also gives perspective from the other younger characters in his book including his peers and sister.  A brave and courageous story which is brutal and emotional.

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