Our Philosophy

Our highest goal is to inspire you
to become the best version of yourself:


  • We believe in a bio-individual nutritional approach to health.  We aim to support you on your self discovery journey while you explore your unique and wonderful blueprint of your personal health and wellbeing.  You can even make your own rules along the way!


  • We promote self care, caring for others, the environment and our planet with love, kindness and compassion.


  • We encourage you to improve quality in areas of your life, to slow down and be mindful about the choices you make


  • We aim to support you on your journey to health through your experiences, hurts and struggles which lead to your evolution, growth and highest goals.






  • To inspire, motivate, empower and support YOU on your health journey so you can relax into becoming the best version of yourself and share your gifts with the world.


  • To provide you with a MIND/BODY approach to health and nutrition which is expressed through our scientifically formulated blends of superfoods and adaptogens which provide you with optimum nutritional benefits to support and encourage a natural, balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle.


  • To provide you with the highest quality superfoods and adaptogen ingredients


  • To donate 0.50p per bag sold on your behalf Caudwell Children’s Charity every time you nourish yourself with our superfoods.


  • To take care of our planet through eco friendly packaging and to encourage recycling on our packaging