Energy Booster Breakfast Smoothie


This time of year is especially busy and in times of stress our immunity can become depleted and our adrenal glands take a battering.  This smoothie will boost your immune system and nourish your adrenals providing nutritional support that also tastes great!

Energise ME Breakfast in a glass


Sometimes when you make a smoothie it cab be a little too thick to drink. This recipe is a little bit like this and is very much dependant on the size of the avocado and banana you are using (the bigger they are, the thicker the smoothie).  So should this happen to you, don’t fret thinking you have done something wrong, ditch your straw and grab a spoon and enjoy the goodness within!

Energising Cashew Chocolate Oats


This recipe and mouth watering photo is courtesy of Rachel Evans the recipe developer and food blogger – Healthy and Psyched Thank you so much for sharing your love of health and all things yummy with us!

Berry Beautiful Breakfast


This is a clever way to enjoy your blends if you don’t have time to make a smoothie.  It was inspired by one of my gorgeously glowing customers!

Energy Pancakes


With pancake day coming up soon (Tuesday 28th February) this is the perfect recipe to enjoy pancakes the healthy way.  For an extra boost we have super charged them with our I AM Energised blend of superfoods!

Gorgeous Green Detox Bowl


A delicious smoothie bowl to help with the post Christmas de-bloat and detox!! It is boosted with I AM Cleansed which offers a complete spectrum of green nutrients that alkalise and release toxins, beetroot assists with eliminating them from the system – known as phase 2 of detoxification  

Slim Down Tummy Love Smoothie


This delicious smoothie uses the healing power of both pre and probiotics to nourish the gut with kefir being a great source of probiotics and the prebiotics are found in the baobab. Probiotics act too feed the good bacteria in the gut and improve immunity, digestion and can even help with hormone regulation.