Mains and Lunch

Veggie Thai Red Curry


I am super excited to share this recipe with you as it’s very simple yet so tasty!  I use a good quality curry paste for ease and variety of seasonal and organic veggies.  Either eat as it is or with rice or quinoa.

Tabouli with a Twist!


As you may know my roots are Middle Eastern and I grew up with Lebanese cuisine as part of my diet which is why many of my recipes are inspired with these strong flavours. As you also may know I love to create variations on classic dishes and had so much fun with my favourite classic tabouli.  I have made a more interesting dressing which can also be used on any other salads and replaced the parsley with basil (more of an Italian twist). My inspiration came from the local bio market last week where I bought a big bunch…
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Speedy Strawberry Avocado Salad


When strawberries are in season and local they are AMAZING and I buy them every day. I make chia jam, put them on my porridge, pancakes and in yoghurt and I even eat them for lunch in a salad (please note I do vary my daily strawberry intake and as I have said before I love to experiment with various ways to enjoy simple foods) This recipe is my speedy salad and is often made when I am in a hurry as I always have the ingredients to hand.

Healthy CauliPopcorn


I love this recipe as it is so simple and there are so many variations – this is key for me when I am cooking as I don’t want things to be the same all the time but on the other hand I need to keep it simple and familiar when I am busy.  This is delicious as a hot or cold side dish, snack or as part of a salad.  The nutritional yeast gives it a delicious cheesy flavour that kids love too.

Gorgeous Gazpacho with Matcha Pesto


This is a summer favourite of mine and an amazing recipe when the tomatoes are as good as they are at the moment on the cote d’Azur. I have added a superfood twist by adding in some beetroot powder (you can add cooked beets too – see Naomi’s Tip) and some nutritional yeast.  There variety is endless but the key element to this recipe is the tomatoes – the tastier the tomatoes, the better your gazpacho will be!!  

New Style Lentil Nicoise Salad


When I moved to France/Monaco I lived on Nicoise salad every time I ate out as it is was the only thing I could understand on the menu’s for months!! It is a wonder that I still love it as much as I do! There are plenty of variations from the classic Nicoise and in this one I use lentils which are a great source of plant protein and fibre. What is your favourite style to enjoy Nicoise?

Spicy Ratatouille with Smoked Tofu


Ratatouille is such a simple dish and often eaten as a side to accompany meat.  In this recipe I use it as part of a main meal by adding in some tofu which makes it a little meatier without being too heavy. This makes a delicious lunch or can be eaten as part of a main meal.  If you need to add something more to it then try some brown rice or quinoa both work really well too. Again this is another great recipe to be heated up and enjoyed the next day.

Lentil and Goats Cheese Salad


This is a delicious, quick and easy salad that can be made quicker and easier with planning! I always try to encourage my clients to cook once and eat twice.  If you are using the meal planner available to you then plan your meal the night before to include green lentils and green beans in some way and save the left overs for the next day.  Alternatively you could make this for dinner, make extra and take some to work the next day in a upper-wear container which saves you eating an unhealthy option at work.