Smoothies and Drinks

Energy Booster Breakfast Smoothie


This time of year is especially busy and in times of stress our immunity can become depleted and our adrenal glands take a battering.  This smoothie will boost your immune system and nourish your adrenals providing nutritional support that also tastes great!

Sweet Lean and Green


This is a refreshing recipe which is slightly sweeter than usual however balanced with a serving of I AM Lean as the fibre in the blend, spinach and banana slow down the release of natural sugars into the bloody system.

Energise ME Breakfast in a glass


Sometimes when you make a smoothie it cab be a little too thick to drink. This recipe is a little bit like this and is very much dependant on the size of the avocado and banana you are using (the bigger they are, the thicker the smoothie).  So should this happen to you, don’t fret thinking you have done something wrong, ditch your straw and grab a spoon and enjoy the goodness within!

Beautifying Beet Tonic


This deliciously nourishing juice recipe includes one serving of I AM Beautiful. I AM Beautiful is a unique blend of powerful adaptogens and superfoods which promotes smart-ageing, skin healing and younger looking skin by working from within.  It adds a boost of bio-avialable nutrition when added to a daily juice or smoothie.

Manly Choca Mocha


The guys are increasingly more interested in their health and wellness these days and do enjoy a good smoothie too, especially when it tastes as good as this recipe and packs a strengthening punch!

Nourishing Me Green


The key to beauty is nutrition and many studies now showing the importance of a good diet.  This recipe is the perfect example of how you can nourish yourself beautiful.