Hot Drinks

Matcha Latte 3 ways


A matcha latte is a great way to get an energy boost without the jitters of coffee, even though Matcha contains caffeine and is stimulating it has a calmer effect on the body – Buddhist Monks drink Matcha before they meditate as it helps them remain calm and focused at the same time to enhance their practice. Here I have given you a few ways to enjoy a matcha latte   Want to know more about Matcha?  Read my blog here

Salted Malted Hot Chocolate


I am a chocoholic so LOVE a warming hot chocolate as soon as the temperatures drop (any excuse!!) so I have passionately created a delicious and healthy version which is totally guilt free and actually loaded with superfoods such as cacao (rich in magnesium which helps you relax and abundant in antioxidants) and almond butter (protein and healthy fats) I have used maca which is an energising adaptogen so perfect to power you through the Christmas shopping!!

ChocoChaga Latte


You may have seen that I LOVE chocolate and more recently have developed big LOVE for Chaga.  Therefore chocochaga was a match made in heaven for ME and YOU!!! I find this drink:  Comforting, Warming, Indulgent, Filling and Satisfying – plus it’s healthy!!! Try it yourself and see how amazing it is…   Please share with me your ChocoChaga experience!    

Superfood Chocolate Elixir


After a week in the mountains my body is crying out for super-goodness.  I didn’t eat as well as I usually do but I was on holiday and very limited… therefore I went with it and enjoyed the best of what I could. The first thing I did when I got home was treated myself to some warming and comforting goodness.  I was dreaming about this combination all week and super excited to try it out and was super happy that the taste exceeded my expectations. Chaga is a mushroom that known for its immune boosting, longevity, anti-aging super powers!   Chaga is…
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Immunity Turmeric Tea


This recipe was presented at a workshop at The Fairmont Monte Carlo where the subject was boosting your immune system naturally.  This is a real warming and comforting drink and it’s full of bug bursting goodness Ginger – a stimulating herb that helps boost circulation and has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric – a powerful anti-inflammatory with high antioxidant value, which boosts the immune system. Lemon – high in Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and protect from the flu.

Nice ‘n Spicy Tea


When it’s cold outside I crave something warm and usual find myself making as many excuses as I can that will allow me to indulge in something naughty!!  I manage to find so many reasons why I need a hot chocolate I could write a book on it!  Although this is not hot chocolate I find this wonderfully warming tea just satisfying. I am truly inspired by the Ayurvedic culture which has been around thousands of years and is based on many healing herbs and spices.  I have been drinking endless cups of fresh ginger tea for weeks now and…
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Turmeric Tea


As the temperatures drop so does our immunity and we seem to be prone to coughs, colds and other nasties that are easily picked up.  This beautiful yellow tea is like sunshine in a mug and is sure to make you feel better, whether to boost the immunity or just to warm your bones on a cold day, sit back, relax and enjoy.