Beautifying Beet Tonic


This deliciously nourishing juice recipe includes one serving of I AM Beautiful. I AM Beautiful is a unique blend of powerful adaptogens and superfoods which promotes smart-ageing, skin healing and younger looking skin by working from within.  It adds a boost of bio-avialable nutrition when added to a daily juice or smoothie.

Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice


This is one of my favourite juices and I really love to go strong on the ginger!!  It was actually an apple carrot and ginger juice that started my healthy journey with my son and I always reminisce whenever I have this drink.  It really was life changing for me and Charlie!! Ginger is: highly anti-inflamatory relieves morning sickness good for digestion lowers blood sugar heart protective reduce menstrual pain can lower cholesterol can prevent cancer infection fighting

Healing Turmeric Tonic


It is that time of year where the temperature is dropping, kids are back at school which means bugs are circulating leaving us vulnerable to picking up a cold, sore throat, bug or worse! A diet rich in fresh, organic and anti-inflammatory foods can help to strengthen the immune system and help swerve the bugs and is easier to incorporate into your routine than you may think!! You can start by trying to get into a daily habit of gradually introducing more fresh foods into your diet that are anti-inflammatory and immune boosting, please don’t be put off by thinking…
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Fiery and Fierce Greens


I used to juice all the time, I was a total addict and loved it so much I invested in a masticating juicer so I could enjoy all the amazing nutrients that fresh juice has to offer.  The only problem was my new juicer was such a bugger to clean and took such a long time to produce juice that I slowly lost interest and was favouring green smoothies instead.  When I was back in London recently I realised how much I miss a good greens juice so have been inspired to stop being lazy and get my flow back on….
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Almond Mylk


I love to do things in the kitchen as easy as possible that’s why I when making my own almond milk I blend almond butter with filter water and voila I have easy peasy almond milk – therefore the motivation to soak almonds and then strain through a nut milk bag never appealed to me until recently when I tasted it at a friends house and was amazed at how different it tasted. I love a challenge and experiment so I bought a nut milk bag and gave it a go, I was amazed at the delicious taste compared to shop…
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Simply Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice


I recently learnt that carrot juice is especially boosting for the Adrenals (the walnut shaped glands above the kidneys that secrete hormones and are responsible for stress response – they may be tiny but they have a big job in our God Pod’s).   I am often asked about what to do with the juice pulp as it contains the fibre and is a waste of good produce so this combination gives you a great base for making some my bliss balls.