Snacks and Stuff

Beetcorn Fritters


I discovered these in my favourite local cafe, Eat’n mess in Sevenoaks,  As well as delicious gluten free and refined sugar free treats they also completely rock the savoury stuff too.  They serve these (well similar to as I made up this recipe after being inspired by them) with smashed avocado and grilled halloumi – seriously yummy!!  I added coriander and cumin to my fritters to spice them up a little.   How would you eat yours?

Egg Plant Caviar


This isn’t really so much a caviar (as it’s vegan!) however a more exciting and sophisticated than Aubergine Mess!   This is a really simple immune boosting recipe which is also hugely beneficial for gut health.

Healthy Gingerbread


I simply can’t resist gingerbread at Christmas, the warming spices really comfort me on a chilly day and make me feel positively festive in every way. I have swapped out some of the unhealthier ingredients to give them a healthy twist, which in my opinion really works (and judging by the rate that my kids are demolishing them they are a winner with the kids too!) I used black strap molasses for this as it is a rich source of iron, but you can swap this out for maple syrup, honey or molasses – just bear in mind that each sweetener…
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Watermelon, Lime and Ginger popsicles


This popsicle recipe is quick, easy and so refreshingly delicious especially in this super hot weather.  It is a great way to rehydrate you and your little ones in a healthy and fun way. Use this recipe as a base to create delicious popsicles this summer.  Involve your kids for a fun activity to keep them out of trouble!! Share your favourite combinations with me below

Peanut Butter Utterly Nutty Bliss Balls


Bliss Balls are exactly what they say…  Little balls or gorgeous delicious goey healthy bliss!  This is another simple recipe that can be adapted in many ways once you master your base, remember you can swap out the nuts and add in your favourite superfoods.  I personally make lots of chocolate bliss balls in my house as they make great guilt free treats for the kids.   What is your favourite combination?

Healthy CauliPopcorn


I love this recipe as it is so simple and there are so many variations – this is key for me when I am cooking as I don’t want things to be the same all the time but on the other hand I need to keep it simple and familiar when I am busy.  This is delicious as a hot or cold side dish, snack or as part of a salad.  The nutritional yeast gives it a delicious cheesy flavour that kids love too.

Coconut Macaroons


This is quite possibly the quickest and easiest recipe that you can make with just 5 ingredients. I discovered it when I was recovering from a foot operation and wanted a sweet treat that could be whipped up in 5 minutes. Its super simple but so yummy and I hope you love it as much as I do.  

Banana & Raisin Bread – when things don’t go to plan!


I often over buy bananas as I use so many of them in smoothies, breakfast recipes and baking.  When they get to the point of perfect ripeness I usually freeze them ready for my smoothie or banana vegan ice-cream recipes.  When they pass that point and are black and mushy they are perfect for banana bread!! I created this recipe with the ingredients that I had in my cupboard, it’s the best way to experiment.  I would usually use brown rice flour but I didn’t have any in the pantry today so I tried out chestnut flour, as it has a…
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