My SOS Guide to making the Adaptogens part of your every day life and feeling great for good!

You may have recently purchased or are thinking of buying one of my Adaptogenic Super Blends with all good intentions to kick start a new healthy habit.  If you have a bag in the cupboard already maybe you are struggling to bring it into your routine or aren’t sure how to use it, if you haven’t bought one yet maybe it’s the fear of failure thats holding you back.

I usually fall into the first category where I am bowled over by a new product knowing I NEED it in my life, so   buy it with enthusiasm only to have it sit in my kitchen cupboard collecting dust.

This can be for a couple of reasons, firstly overwhelm – another thing to do in my day which in reality now seems impossible or confusion of how to use it.  From my coaching practice over the years I have learnt how to gradually introduce new things into my diet, I have learnt to slow down, cut back and pay attention to how things feel for me in my body and this has really helped me have a connection to what works for me and how it actually makes me feel.

Today’s post is about giving you some tips on how to use your blends and how to tune in to feel the benefits.

HOW TO USE the I AM Blends

DRINK – JUICE: The simplest and quickest way to use the blends is to pop them into a juice, water or non dairy milk, mix and drink alongside breakfast (I even had a little shaker cup made to make mixing quicker and easier).

TIP: If the texture is a little lumpy (sorry it’s all natural so this can happen) blitz with a hand blender.  You could also add ice or make sure you are mixing with a cold liquid (warm greens don’t taste great!).  My favourite liquid to mix with is apple juice as it really takes off the green/natural edge, the fibre in the blends help to balance the sugar and all the blends contain adaptogens which stabilise the blood sugar too so I personally find this works well.

DRINK – SMOOTHIE :  If you already drink smoothies then pop in a scoop of your favourite blend, it is also a great way to disguises the taste if you are sensitive to some of the uniquer flavours!

TIP: If you are enjoying a smoothie for breakfast add in another form of protein (protein powder, nut butter, yoghurt) as the blends do not substitute as a protein powder and although they contain plant protein it is not quite enough as a meal.

EAT:  You can also add the blends to porridgepancakesyoghurt, energy balls and smoothie bowls.  I have even added the greens powders to pesto recipes in the past!

TIP:  Green blends (I AM Lean & I AM Cleansed) mix well with an apple juice, green smoothies, coconut water.  I AM Beautiful is berry based so mixes well with any kind of juice and smoothie but tastes particularly good in yoghurt with fresh berries and granola on top… yum!  And for the chocolate lovers, I AM Energised and I AM Superman contain cacao so mix well with a nut milk or chocolate based recipe/smoothie.


Try to take your blends in the morning alongside breakfast, adaptogens actually lift your mood so it’s a good uplifting start to the day and sets the intention for it just to get better!

You might be a tidy freak (I am putting my hands up here too) but reign in it and leave the blends on the side where you can see them, I designed the blends to look gorgeous and pretty on the counter so don’t put them out of sight where you will forget to take them, try leaving them next to the kettle for 21 days until they become part of your new routine.

The blends aren’t just for breakfast and although I do recommend taking the morning (I personally love the natural morning high) if you are not a morning person or need a bit of a boost in the afternoon then you can also take then or have a second dose in the afternoon, they provide a natural energising nutritional boost which is better than a coffee or sugary snack – personally I AM Energised works as a great chocolatey smoothie which fills me up, lifts me up and satisfies any sugar cravings

Note:  please do not exceed 2 servings a day, it is not needed.  They are potent and powerful and have been formulated to give you all you need in up to 2 servings a day.  Also if you are on any medication just run the blends past your doctor, even though they are 100% natural it’s always best to check that nothing will interfere with any meds you might be taking.


I went through a stage when I completely crashed from extreme adrenal burnout where I was taking about 40 supplements a day** (as prescribed by a functional doctor) however after nearly a year of not feeling much better I came off everything and started to get a bit more intuitive with my body.  I began to experiment and found that less was more, I took note of what I was taking and how it was making me feel, I noticed that at certain times of the month I needed extra TLC and when the seasons changed so did I. These days I take the blends daily depending a number of factors and I have learnt how to manage my adrenal issues as well. (Please note that food/supplementation is only part of recovery from adrenal fatigue, I had to bring in many other changes over various areas of my life)

**please don’t come off any medication or supplementation without seeking professional advise.

So whilst it might be great to take all the blends (you may have identified with needing them ALL), scale it back, slow down and take just one for at least a week and tune in with how that blend actually makes you feel.  By connecting to the foods we eat gives us a conscious choice over what we eat and gives us back our power.  For example alcohol makes me feel awful for days after and often people think I don’t drink because I am “really healthy” truth is I love a glass of wine and would quite happily air guitar around the kitchen until the early hours of the morning but the recovery for me is just too long to be doing this all the time therefore I have to pick and choose my nights carefully by knowing my body makes me more mindful about the choices I make and what I put in my body and when.

Get to know your body, I promise it will thank you for it!



So you may be wondering how you should feel when you take the blends and what you may notice?

To be honest the experience usually varies from person to person because adaptogens work with our individual bodies to help it to adapt in areas it is out of balance.  We are all different and uniquely wonderful beings therefore our experience is likely to vary but here are some of my personal experiences and feedback received from my happy customers:

I AM Cleansed:  You may feel cleaner, lighter, less bloated, more energised, you may also notice weight loss, better skin

“Cleanse is great in the morning, to set your body right for the day”

“I was particularly impressed with ‘ I am Cleansed’ in that its the first green / algae containing products that doesn’t taste like pond”

“Usually the change of diet shows off on my skin after a few weeks of travelling but this time i’ve had no problems what so ever”

“the combination of your superfood ingredients have a positive impact on my day” 

I AM BeautifulYou might notice your skin is tighter and brighter, you may feel less bloated and notice less digestive issues.  Stronger hair and nails, more energy, strong immunity

“I am sure the skin healing and reparative virtues of IAM BEAUTIFUL are healing me on the inside, and the other ingredients are having an effect on my mood making me happier and less stressed”

“3 weeks later, I started to feel more radiant”

“I feel more energetised and balanced”

“this blend has given me that extra glow and confidence that I never had before”

I AM Energised:  More energy and vitality, increased concentration, focus and clarity.  Brighter mood and boosted libido!  

“Energise kicks jetlag’s ass! If you travel internationally frequently, you may find, as I do, that adjusting to different time zones can be gruelling on the body. A blend such as Energise will give you the extra energy you need, by supporting your natural body chemistry rather than messing with it”

“I add some of Naomi’s I am Energised blend to my smoothies and notice such a difference to my general state of being. I feel more alert and energetic and, as a bonus, I don’t seem to get hungry again until later than usual!”

“almost immediately I felt a shift in gear. Not only did it just feel good inside but I started to see results quite quickly in both my mental and physical state too. My concentration definitely increased and I felt I had more stamina than before”

I AM Lean You might notice you have less appetite, less sugar cravings, more energy, better digestions, less bloated, weight loss

“I love specially “I am lean” product which seriously cut my cravings for any sweets and appotite all day”

“Well I’ve started two mornings with IAM lean and I’ve had two miracles! firstly, the bronchitis/cough/cold that I’ve been fighting for over two weeks has disappeared overnight”

“I lost several kilos, toned my muscles and redesigned my body and especially: I learned to take care of myself!”

“I started adding I AM Lean to my morning smoothie and am delighted to say that I lost 2 kilos in one week and all I changed was this”

“I don’t feel like eating sugar that much anymore: so I don’t!  Amazing product really”

“I lost weight effortlessly”

“With a bit of exercise and healthy food choices I lost 3 kgs in a week”

“It’s sorted out some long standing tummy issues and I feel great. I no longer have cravings for sugary snacks mid afternoon. So no more afternoon sugar crashes”

I AM Superman – You may notice more energy, strength and stamina, a sharper mind and concentration, better recovery from sport, boosted libido

“I have so much more energy, fire and enthusiasm starting the day. I have decided to add it to my porridge pre-skiing now”

“my energy levels throughout the day lasted longer and practically removed the afternoon tiredness especially after lunch”

“you feel the positive effects immediately”

“Very shortly after taking Naomi’s “I AM Superman” blend, I can say that my mood and energy levels improved dramatically… that’s with a heavy schedule and advanced training regimen”

Want to see more?  Visit my testimonials where my clients from across the globe have shared their experiences

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Thanks for reading and I hope this post has given you some new ideas and inspired you to try something new today!


Naomi x

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